Modulo is
Firstnet Certified

FirstNet™ is a high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network available to public safety agencies and first responders. The service ensures networkaccess during periods of high traffic and congestion. As the adoptionof Push-to-Talk mobile apss continues to groe within the field of public safery, so does the need for a reliable wireless network. That's where FirstNet comes in.

The FirstNet Certified™ designation demonstrates out commitment to ensuring that first responders can depend on MODULO to be highly available and optimized for mobility, recovery and peak demand. Agencies that choose MODULO benefit from the added confidence that a higher level of scruting regarding app security, privacy and availability provides.

In being FirstNet Certified™, MODULO has met elevated requirements demonstrating it has:
  • At least 99.99% availability
  • Optimized use of mobility resources
  • Scalability at times of peak use
  • Resiliency in case of interruption

MODULO's Android app is FirstNet Certified™.